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5 ways to manage distractions The biggest obstacle to work
[Imagen: aHR0cHM6Ly9zLmlzYW5vb2suY29tL2NhLzAvdWQv...BuZw==.png]

No matter what you do Inevitably, obstacles arise, this is normal But most of the time, the biggest and most problematic obstacle is “ourselves.” This is the kind that we tend to solve for others. But the problem itself did not fail Distraction and anxiety followed.

1. Look as normal
Regardless of what you are distracted by Maybe it's the best to accept and put down. Start with yourself You don't have to try and struggle all the time, just act normal and let everything go. What will happen will be it Think about how to stand here. We have gone through a lot of things. Now too Let go, don't get stuck The longer it is attached to the bad feeling It will pass

2. Calm down
Often we feel frustrated and nervous that we cannot concentrate. It is because we are putting a flash of personal emotions into our heads while working. Which when working, we have to use mindfulness and concentrate The incoming matter will cause the work to stumble. So if you feel that your personal emotions are threatening Keep calm Change one's position Could get up and go for a short walk Better than trying to work when not ready. In such a mood, work doesn't walk anyway.

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3. Do not hit the bird.
Anything that hasn't happened yet doesn't have to think in advance what to do, stop thinking, stop being afraid, stop worrying about things that haven't arrived. Sometimes people like to imagine that "If ... must ... definitely" don't worry, you should focus on what is in front of you. In order to have the best work in front of you As for the results obtained after that, it must be accepted. Because at least we are fully with it.

4. Manage what you can control first.
In work, there are factors that you can and cannot control, so evaluate what you are doing. Look at what you need to do first and after, and work your way down one by one. By choosing to manage what we can control Decide yourself first for speed What part is out of control to take care of at the end Because sometimes you may have to wait to consult with the team Or take time to decide

5. Talk about yourself.
One day we met with many people. But have we ever talked to ourselves? Look in the mirror, have you ever smiled at yourself? Have you ever asked yourself if you're tired, what you want, what you want, and try not to get out of bed without purpose. If you can give yourself an answer Let yourself do what you want Want to travel, then travel Want to eat delicious food, then go eat Do not force things to resist, it is useless. Cut off with the outside world By bringing himself out of that point
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