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We made it another week fans. Just 28 m
Twitter talk and other tidbits over the last week"ore to go until the 2019 season kicks off. We’re in that waiting period of the off-season where not much is going on and our Twitter feed is mostly filled with mock drafts. How are you all surviving? What do you do during this slow period? I’m curious who all still follows along daily/weekly with NFL news or who basically shuts it off for a bit until NFL Draft weekend. I personally have been fighting a never ending head cold Miami Dolphins Jerseys Stitched , so I haven’t been following as closely the past week as I normally would, but try to check in at least once a day. With that being said, here’s what I saw happening on Twitter as far as Dolphins related and random other discussions amongst fans. Info You Probably Already KnowAs most of you already know, is was announced on Saturday that the Dolphins have hired ex-Raiders’ GM Reggie McKenzie. If you went on Twitter to check out the reaction about this hire, it appears to be mostly positive (besides some fans who seem to be upset about every hire this season so far). According to the above article by Beasley, McKenzie built the Raiders’ roster that went 12-4 in 2016 and he also was Pro Football Writers NFL Executive of the Year. Here is a tweet from Josh Houtz listing some of the players he helped draft. That definitely is an impressive list there. Here are just a few tweets I saw on my feed regarding McKenzie. As a Dolphins’ fan you have to be a bit excited about all the new coaching/front office hires, right? It appears Ross may truly be serious about making this franchise a winning one again and Chris Grier is determined to prove he earned his job for a reason. I mean, like Adam Beasley says here. We’re not sure what will happen Replica Myles Gaskin Jersey , but they’ve definitely hired some pros. The Dolphins also signed a couple players this week. I’m personally not too familiar with the two signings, but it’s guys to bring on to camp and we’ll see how they do with the others. Remember, that many of these off-season signings does not equate to them actually being on the final 53 man roster. If you take a look at some of the replies from the signings, you’d think some fans would think otherwise. Other Twitter Dolphins Related DiscussionsAnyone still thinking the Dolphins are planing to tank this season? Can we just move on from that word. This organization is not going to plan on losing games. But, if they are rebuilding they may rely on building a talented young team and that means it may take a year or two to be good. The Dolphins are planning on building their team from the draft and not free agency. That being said, will they be looking to start that rebuild with using their first pick for a quarterback or a different position like Clelin Ferrell, DE, from Clemson. We have the 13th pick and as of now many mock drafts circulating has them going for Kyler Murray. I’m still not sold on him. I read other comments on posts on The Phinsider and it seems many fans agree as well. The thing about Mock Drafts is that NOBODY KNOWS. It seems the Kyler Murray debate is changed weekly. I thought I read he was going to be available for the Dolphins and now there are rumors that he will be a top 10 pick. Where does that leave us then? If the Dolphins do not trade up to snag him Stitched Myles Gaskin Jersey , who will they pick? Is Grier waiting till next season for our quarterback? Same questions I had last week and will be the same for the next couple months until the Draft is here. This actually was an idea going around on twitter that made many of us laugh.Brissett for Howard and Parker? We can all agree on this as one funny joke.Houtz tweeted this out on Saturday morning and it never gets old.That leads to the next bullet point I saw today on twitter.Fox Sports NFL just tweeted out asking who has the best uniforms in the NFL. I think we all know who wins that one. I know most of us want that uniform back full-time and not sure that will ever happen. However, I do like that they are bringing it back each year for a few home games. Maybe we can keep adding a game each season. We did have them for the last home game against Jaguars.Even if that last game was a disappointment, at least our outfits and field were on point.Those were the tidbits and updates from over the week when it came to Dolphins news. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and this shorter week for those who have today off work. Stay warm for you fans dealing with all the snow storms. Spring is just around the corner so hang in there just a bit longer. Comments welcome and as always any off-season topic ideas. Once the schedule is released I will definitely be adding more information about various stadiums and fan meetups for those of you who plan to attend any games this season. I really do wish they would release the schedule earlier so those of us fans can start planning earlier. Have a great week and go Dolphins!Dolphins Drinking Game - G4 DDG@nashmax73Are you ready for this?You SURE?This isn’t “just” another division game.Regardless how players, coaches, media and fans want to tone-down the hype, we’re in a rare position to make this a milestone game.Tired of the Cheatriots?Sick of seeing them seemingly cruise to one AFC East division title after another?Well there’s blood in the water from New England’s early season wounds and it’s time for Miami do their part to keep these guys down.Let’s do this!Sketchy Snacks@nashmax73BACKSTORY & OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER:As a lifelong fan of the Miami Dolphins, going all the way back to the Stone Age of the early 1980s, I’ve learned that fandom isn’t always epic highs & euphoria. Hell Xavien Howard Jersey , if the post-Marino era has taught us anything it’s that we as a franchise & fanbase have been mostly spoiled for the bulk of our existence thanks to the leadership of “The Don” Shula and The Right Arm of God, Dan Marino.Since both stepped aside by the spring of 2000, the past 17 years have been about as fun as an involuntary colonoscopy thanks to poor leadership and mismanagement. Sure, we had that epic 2008 season, and a damn fine hot streak in 2016 that got short circuited by a cheap shot, but life as a Dolphins fan has been tough of late. Enter the #DolphinsDrinkingGame. What started as a sarcastic coping mechanism has manifested itself into a fun thing we can all participate in, provided we act like adults.And now comes the part when I implore you to approach this with a sense of humor and that whole “adult responsibility” thing. First, if you’re going to partake with adult beverages Myles Gaskin Jersey nfl draft , do NOT get behind the wheel. Getting yourself and/or others hurt or killed is never worth it. Call a cab, request an UBER or get a designated driver. Second, nobody is saying you have to play along with alcohol. Feel free to use whatever beverage you like - ethically sourced non-GMO coffee, Earl Grey tea or even some dank runoff from Lake OkeechobeeDDG - G4@nashmax73#FinsUp

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